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I am trying to create a function that will return a collection of elements (button) that are nested inside a series of containers. ex: [Span [Div [Button]]]

The idea is I want to narrow down the button search to the nearest container that is identifiable/accessable.

If I pass the Span into a function as IElementContainer then I can see the buttons in the Span’s button collection and get one using: span.buttons(find.by..) . Are the Div’s buttons accessable from the Span’s collection? Would using Span.Elements... be useful for digging into the inner DIv? Thanks

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If i understand your question you need to use the Filter method. You can play with this syntax to get your buttons:

DivCollection divCol = session.browser.Span(Find.ByClass("classname")).DomContainer.Divs.Filter(Find.ByClass("className));

Using this div collection you can find your buttons.

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