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I am really new to Hadoop and I am not able to find an answer to my question. I want to write a map reduce job, where I read from HBase and write then in a simple text file.

In HBase, Ive got a column representing an id. Now I dont want to work on all containing rows in my HBase Table, but only on those between a maxId and a minId.

I found out that I could possibly user filters (scan.setFilter), so that I can filter rows which dont match my request.

This is my first Map Reduce Job, so please be patient :-)

Ive got a Starter Class, where I configure the job and the Scan Object and then start the job.

Now, my first try looks like this:

private Scan getScan()
    final Scan scan = new Scan();

    // ** FILTER **
    List<Filter> filters = new ArrayList<Filter>();

    Filter filter1 = new ValueFilter(CompareFilter.CompareOp.GREATER_OR_EQUAL, new BinaryComparator(Bytes.toBytes(Integer.parseInt(minId))));

    Filter filter2 = new ValueFilter(CompareFilter.CompareOp.LESS_OR_EQUAL, new BinaryComparator(Bytes.toBytes(Integer.parseInt(maxId))));

    FilterList filterList = new FilterList(filters);


    // id
    scan.addColumn("columnfamily".getBytes(), "id".getBytes());
    return scan;

Well, Im not sure if this is the right way to do it. I also read that I could pass my minId and maxId maybe with the Configuration Object to the Map Job, but Im not sure how.

Besides, what have I to do afterwards? I would normally just initiate the job with initTableMapperJob and pass the Scan Object to it. Ive read something of ResultScanner and so, do I need them? I thought the MapReduce Framework would now automatically pass the correct rows to my map job, is that correct?

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Sounds like a right way. What version of HBase are you using? – David Gruzman Mar 17 '12 at 11:04
I use 0.90.3-cdh3u1 – nano7 Mar 19 '12 at 8:48

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