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We still use Visual SourceSafe 6.0. I would like to block my teams from creating projects (folders) on SourceSafe and only have Check-in, Check-out, and Add files rights. Yes, I would like them to be able to Add files, but not create or rename or delete folders.

How might I go about getting this in place?

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I learnt the VSS security setting before at this blog. The problem is the rights for "Add Project" and "Add file" are not separate. They are both controlled by "Add/Rename/Delete".

I do have two suggestions below:

  1. Disable the "Add/Rename/Delete" right for root directory($/), but assign the right to all folders under $/. This way, users cannot create folders/files anymore under $/.

  2. Migrate to a better version control system, such as subversion.

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