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So I'm trying to export my e-commerce database via PhpMyAdmin and it keeps downloading empty SQL Files. I'm 100% sure i'm selecting all my tables and I'm using the default sets when opening the export tab. It keeps coming out to 0 bytes. If needed i'll detail all the checkboxes I have checked in php my admin but not sure if it's needed.

Is my database too big? What's another way I can back up my database?

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You can use mysqldump on your terminal.

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Might be timeout or memory limit exceeded. Try mySQLDumper. Works fine for me.

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This could be a memory issue, increase the memory_limit in your php.ini file to 512M temporarily (assuming it is currently much less), restart required services for this change to take affect, and I am willing to bet this will now work for you... don't forget to change your memory_limit back when you are done.

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