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Is there a codeigniter cms out there that supports running multiple websites from 1 codebase?

I would like to point my dns to site1.com , site2.com and then the CMS should serve the right website.

Already searched for CI projectst with this functionality but nothing much came up, anyone has a recommendation? Thanks in advanche!

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Well I had a solution for this. I checked the domain you came from, and was using different configuration file for this in which I pointed to different url.php (sorry I'm not in php for 2 years so I hardly remember filenames). This was all done in that main codeigniter php file before anything else is initialiased.

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p.s. as far as I remember codeigniter handles lot's of stuff with htaccess.. so it's possible that if you using mod_rewrite for CI, you need to define global variable in htaccess which write current domain from which user came from.. and then you can easily get it with php in $_GLOBAL i think.. =) hope this helped –  holms Mar 22 '12 at 13:00

I believve the proffesional version of Pyro CMS can do this, it's not free though. Have a look:

Pyro CMS

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I wrote a blog post on how to do this back in 2009 and the code still stands:

The implementation in PyroCMS is better, and for $90 it's a lot of trouble taken off your hands.

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