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I've been using NAnt for a while but it seems to be overly complex for what I need. I was wondering if there are any alternatives around for building C# projects?

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I would say once you get started in NAnt it is not THAT complex. I was missing a little bit a good "let's get me started" tutorial and everything I read felt pretty dated. A good thing is that you can use MSBuild for building the application (that is what I am using) and doing the rest with NAnt.

At least I think it is not harder than MSBuild - and for things MSBuild is easier you are free to use MSBuild for that.

This is what I am using:

<exec program="msbuild.exe" 
      commandline="Project.csproj /p:OutDir=..\Outdir\; configuration=Release" />
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There are some great alternatives now to NAnt and MSBuild.

nRake (or just Rake)


psake -- build automation tool written in PowerShell


I've personally used NAnt and MSBuild and am anxiously awaiting our upcoming switch to one of these (we haven't decided yet which). NAnt and MSBuild are not that hard to start off with, but once build scripts start getting bigger and more complicated and you need to actually debug them, they become a huge burden to deal with. It really depends on how much you're automating.

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You might try FinalBuilder - it's very easy to use, although I prefer to stick with NAnt. And you always have MSBuild...

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FinalBuilder: Those were the guys running the amusing 'jon skeet' ad... –  Mitch Wheat Jun 10 '09 at 7:12
I like such tools, like Visual Build also but they are commercial and they require installing a whole lot of files on your system. Don't even thing about running them on another OS. –  Wernight Sep 11 '12 at 22:54

There's MSBuild, but it's no simpler than Nant.

Both are fine once you get used to the syntax.

A simpler option is to use Batch files.

Another is to use CIFactory, which provides a quick way to get a build and continuous integration server up and running.

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Maven is a great build tool, it was developed mainly for the Java community but there is now a .NET plugin for building C# projects. There are fairly big conceptual differences between Maven (see wikipedia for a brief overview) and NAnt so you may want to read up on that first if you want to try it.

2 interesting features:

  • Mature collection of plugins for doing common tasks such as testing, doc generation, deploying etc.
  • Can automatically get project dependencies for you from a central repository
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Phantom is a very neat alternative for C#. I wish it was in python (more portable) and more used because the syntax is very neat and powerful.

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