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I'm using the Ruby Gem 'Rawler' to document any broken links on a large website.

The script is meant to be used by non-technical users, on a windows machine. So I have put the command to run Rawler in a .bat file, so users can simply double click without opening command-prompt.

rawler http://example.com

How can I edit the command to have the results recorded in a text-file, which would open with the results once the command is completed?


It would be even better if the results only included pages which have an error rather then listing hundreds of pages which have been scanned with no problem.

e.g. "INFO -- 200 - http://example.com/example"

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The results can be saved to a text file in the same directory by adding '> filename.txt' to the command.

rawler http://lambrecipes.ca > results.txt
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Adding notepad results.txt to the batchfile will display the result. –  steenslag Mar 16 '12 at 17:15

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