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I have created a class where I have a method to make a URL connection and perform some processing. In my view controller I'm sending a message to this method:

- (IBAction)loadInfoButton:(id)sender {
     LoadInfo *loadInfo; 
     responseText.text = @"Talking to the server...";
     int ret = [loadInfo talkToServer];
         responseText.text = @"Connection successful.";
         responseText.text = @"Connection failed.";

It looks like that the execution does not reach the called method. I kept a NSLog in the method talktoServer and it does not show up. I also made a breakpoint at the line int ret = ... and I was not able to get into the execution of that method. I have done calling methods from my customized classes before and such a thing did not happen. I'm fairly new to the iOS development world and appreciate your comment on the issue.


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This line:

LoadInfo *loadInfo; 

creates a pointer, but no object. In addition to the pointer, you must allocate and initialize the object, e.g.

LoadInfo *loadInfo = [[LoadInfo alloc] init];
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My goodness! You're right. –  hsnm Mar 16 '12 at 16:52
@hsnm A common oversight to make. Best of luck with your app! –  PengOne Mar 16 '12 at 17:41

You are declaring a variable for loadInfo but never assigning an instance of the class to it. Try:

LoadInfo *loadInfo = [[LoadInfo alloc] init];
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