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I use the following code to get a list of network interfaces currently available on the iPhone:

NetworkInterface[] l__objNetworkInterfaceList = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces();

foreach (NetworkInterface l__objNetworkInterface in l__objNetworkInterfaceList)
   Console.WriteLine("Name: " + l__objNetworkInterface.Name);

l__objNetworkInterface.Name returns a short string which identifies the Interface (e.g. lo0 for loopback, en0 for WiFi, pdp_ip for cellular, and so on). But i get some names i can't figure out which type of interface they specify:


Does anyone know this interface types? Is there a documentation where the interfaces are listed?

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  • git is for tunnels in the *BSD (including OSX, iOS) worlds;

  • stf is for six-to-four (IPv6 to IPv4);

  • not quite sure about ap0... I was thinking it could be a typo for tap0 but it seems to be a bridge between en0 and pdp_ip0 (i.e. wifi to 3g) which would make a lot of sense;

You can google books about the subject if you want to know more details.

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