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What is the best way to make the headers for SQLFORM.grid. I've tried inserting a '\n' in the field header and passing a list, but neither worked.

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You need to insert a <br />, which you can do as follows:

Using HTML helpers:

CAT('Line 1', BR(), 'Line 2')

or wrapping raw HTML in an XML() object (to prevent escaping when serialized in the view):

XML('Line 1<br />Line 2')

Note, instead of using the "headers" argument to SQLFORM.grid, you can directly specify the label to be used for a given database table field:

    Field('myfield', label=CAT('My', BR(), 'Label')))

or after the table has already been defined:

db.mytable.myfield.label = CAT('My', BR(), 'Label')

When you define a label for the field, it will be used in all SQLFORMs, SQLTABLEs, and SQLFORM.grids, so you only have to define it once.

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