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I am working as a Jr. Software Tester (Manual testing) in a firm. Here, we dont have a bug-tracker to report the errors in the application. So, I need a tool preferably open-source for bug-tracing. It should be a best one.

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asitrack.com is advertised as the best bug tracker for agile software development. You can also check out softwarerecs.stackexchange.com for other recommendations. –  mrnx Jun 11 '14 at 16:44

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Please see these previous SO questions:

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BugTracker.net - open source ASP.NET bugtracker.

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also you can use JIRA

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I use Bugzilla. It's open source.

(I don't know of any way to decide what would be "best" for you)

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Looking for a bug tracking/task management tool

If you need something fairly simple, free and open-source I'd say use TRAC. In our company we use both Trac and Fogbugz. The latter is not free but it works really well.

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We are using phpBugTracker . It is not as powerful as Trac or Bugzilla because you cannot integrate it to any IDE which is a great feature. But it works. It is light weight and very easy to install.

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