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Im storing track IDs in a database that are used as playlists.

The track ID data is retrieved using jQuery $.get() and is returned in a JSON array.

Next a jQuery $.each() loops a SC.get('/tracks/') that is passed the relevant track id.

$.each(pl_array.track, function(i) {
    var pl_track_id = '/tracks/' + pl_array.track[i].id;
    SC.get(pl_track_id,function (tracks) {
        //looped code here

The problem is the SC.get() call is asynchronous, and will result in the tracks being ordered randomly. The jQuery $.get() has the option to disable asynchronous and run synchronously. Is there any way i can do somthing like this with the SC.get() function or is there another option?

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Don't do that.
SJAX freezes the browser and is extremely annoying.

If you really want synchronous processing, use recursion instead of a loop:

var items = ...;
function processItem() {
    var item = items.unshift();
    SC.get( function() { 
        if (items.length)

However, it would be much faster to send all the requests at once (the way you're doing now), then sort the results after they all come in.

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Ahh that worked, but yes it's noticeably slower. – Mar 16 '12 at 17:09
However its not a problem at all, its not that slow really. So I think this is problem solved, thank you very much :) – Mar 16 '12 at 17:11

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