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My new Android app is crashing when I run it on my phone, but never in the emulator. Can someone tell me where the logs are generated on the phone so perhaps I can get to the bottom of this thing?

Many thanks, Victor

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You can also look up an app on the market named alogcat. Search for your app with that app (Menu>Search).

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You can connect your phone to your computer and debug with Logcat. In your phone, just enable

Menu->Setting->Application->Development->Usb debugging

From your windows/linuxmac console

adb devices
adb -s device_serial logcat

There are your log.

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Windows --> Open Perspective -->other -->DDMS-->OK (Select your Device)

And for USB Debugging in device

Menu-->Setting->Application-->Development-->Usb Debugging   
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To get the crash logs use the Android Debug Bridge.

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