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<div id='test'>
 <a href='#'>Link 1</a>
 <a href='#'>Link 2</a>
 <a href='#'>Link 3</a>
 <a href='#'>Link 4</a>
 <a href='#'>Link 5</a>
 <a href='#'>Link 6</a>
 <a href='#'>Link 7</a>
 <a href='#'>Link 8</a>
 <a href='#'>Link n</a>

How to handle onclick event on all anchor tags [30 < n < 50]. Is it good to attach onclick event on individual anchor tags? I can't use any javascript libraries. It would be helpful to know jquery handle $('.test a').click() it. How are they able to pass proper this attribute?

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You could delegate click handling to the div, then check the target inside the handler and act according to which anchor was clicked.

var div = document.getElementById('test');
div.addEventListener('click', function(event){


Warning: IE versions before 9 do not support addEventListener. If you need to support those browsers, check if addEventListener is available, and use attachEvent if it's not.

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@bfarvaretto Thanks for warning, Also consider adding event.srcElement and event = event || window.event –  Tamil Mar 18 '12 at 19:00

I'd recommend using something like the following:

function callback(e) {
    var e = window.e || e;

    if (e.target.tagName !== 'A')

    // Do something

if (document.addEventListener)
    document.addEventListener('click', callback, false);
    document.attachEvent('onclick', callback);

In addition ofc, I'd recommend attaching a pseduo-attribute to each anchor that has the number (1-50) so you could use that to detect which of the anchors the user clicked.

you can set this by calling function with function.call(element, arg1, arg2, ...) or function.apply(element, [arg, arg2, arg3, ...])

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+1 for the IE<9 compatibility! –  bfavaretto Mar 16 '12 at 18:52
document.getElementById('test').onclick = function(event){
    event = event || window.event;
    if(event.target.nodeName == "a"){
        console.log("link clicked");
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