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I have a function that imports information into a form. I am using jQuery to place a date into an input box. The ID of the input box is "depart_date" and I am trying to insert the value of (let's say) 04/01/2012.

$('input#depart_date').replaceWith('<input class="input_med hasDatepicker" type="text" id="depart_date" name="depart_date" value="04/01/2012">');

This works just fine. However, I lose my datepicker. I have even tried to "reinitialize" it by using

$( "#depart_date" ).datepicker({ minDate: 0});

I just don't understand how to get my datepicker back.

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You're not just changing the value, you're replacing the object entirely (and removing all the UI hooks [click, focus, blur events] along with it).

Try using just $('#depart_date').val('04/01/2012'); to assign the value. Or, better yet $('#datepart').datepicker('setDate', '04/01/2012');

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I've tried using .val() and .html(), but neither seem to work. The value gets inserted, but it's the same situation with .replaceWith(), datepicker does not come back. I was just using .replaceWith() as an alternative to .val() and .html(). I've also tried .attr("value", "04/01/2012"). It seems that any value assignment will remove these hooks. Any ideas? –  Sam Pellino Mar 16 '12 at 19:20
@SamPellino: Try this: $('#datepart').datepicker('setDate', '04/01/2012'); –  Brad Christie Mar 16 '12 at 19:35
Just re-tried .val(), I was doing something wrong before - It actually works! –  Sam Pellino Mar 16 '12 at 19:51

Why replace the input? Why not simply change the value?


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