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Any suggestions for editing Gradle Scripts? It would be nice to have some sort of IDE support with autocompletion (at-least at the Groovy level).

Currently the best thing that I can think of is just using Groovy Syntax Hightlighing with any standard editor such as TextPad, etc.

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I think the only IDE that actually has rudimentary DSL autocomplete support for Gradle is SpringSource STS. You will need to install the Gradle plugin.

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As a side note: when using SpringSource STS with the gradle plugin, be sure to have the DSL Support enabled (Project/Gradle/Enable DSL Support). – lukdumi Apr 29 '14 at 7:50

Intellij 11 supports gradle, see their webhelp for details.

An enhanced plugin appears to be scheduled for 11.1 in Q2 2012, their wiki has a page that acts as a worklog for the developer who is implementing it.

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Check out this link for tooling advice from Gradle.

I use the Groovy & Grails Tool Suite for Groovy support, it works great with the Gradle Eclipse plugin from the tooling site.

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