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With the new App Pages on a Facebook Apps Timeline is there any way to remove the 20px white border around the iframe?

Here is an example page,

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If you make your background white then there are not really borders ;)

But in all seriousness - what you could do is use a "Wide (810px)" layout for your tab app and then create a smaller centered div element in which you can contain your entire application.


<div style="width:520px; margin:0 auto;">
  Your 520px centered content appears here!

Please don't be lazy like me :) Don't use inline styles.

Other than that I do not believe that there is a way to remove or customize any of Facebook's styling inside a timeline/page app...

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I wanted to have an image as a background but it didn't look good with a 20px white border. Thanks for your help though, I'm going to leave this question up for a while to see if anyone else has thought of a clever solution for this. – Derek Mar 16 '12 at 19:28
There are several javascript calls which can alter the facebook styling but I can't seem to find hardly any documentation on the new timeline/app page style. – Derek Mar 16 '12 at 19:30

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