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I have a rails 3.0.1 app hosted on www.example.com/v1 using Phusion Passenger. In my config, I have the following:


The rails apps is loading fine. The issue is with the links on the page. Whenever I use link_to with "/some_path" as the URL, the final url is www.example.com/some_path when it should be www.example.com/v1/some_path.

Why is link_to not recognizing my relative url root and incorporating it when generating links? How do I get around this?


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I've never done my routes like this before. Try this in your routes.rb file:

scope "v1" do
  resources :some_resource
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Try use link_to without starting slash

link_to "some_path"

Another way to deal with relative routes on client side is to use base tag

    <base href="http://example.com/current/opened/page">
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