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I'm trying to create a list of the years with the months from today until the oldest record in the database. It's working great, except that the loop stops before it gets to the oldest month. Here's my code:

echo $oldest_entry; //2012-01-31
$end = strtotime($oldest_entry);
$month = strtotime(date('Y-m-d'));
$year = "";
while($month >= $end)
     if(date('Y', $month) != $year){ 
        echo "<b>".date('Y', $month)."</b><br/>";
        $year = date('Y', $month); 
     echo date('F', $month)."<br/>";
     $month = strtotime("-1 month", $month);

It outputs: 2012



And doesn't get to January. What am I doing wrong here? I thought adding the = to the > would fix this but it didn't.

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It doesn't print January because 2012-01-16 >= 2012-01-31 is false.

You should omit the date. Use only the year and the month in your comparison.

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