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can someone please explain to me, how to work out logs?

e.g. log27 to the power 3 ?

I though the above is 3 because 3x3x3=27 and it takes 3, 3's to make 27. is this correct?

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The definition of logarithm states that if logb(x) = y then by = x. This works for real numbers, not just integers.

In your example, log3(27) = 3, because 33 = 27.

Or your second example: log3(11) = 2.182658..., because 32.182658... = 11.

See Wikipedia.

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thanks,help much appreciated. –  alex e Mar 16 '12 at 20:10

log27 to the base 3 is 3.

Because 27 can be written as 3*3*3. In the same way if someone asks for log64 to the base 4 then the value will be 3.

4*4*4 = 64.

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what if we have numbers that do not divide equally? e.g. log 11 to the base 3??? –  alex e Mar 16 '12 at 19:49

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