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Alright, so here is the story..

My organization has a database that we sell to the clients. We sometimes have to make client specific modifications.

I am developing an extension to Sql Server Management Studio(SSMS) 2008 R2 SP1.

This extension will generate DDL and gather schema information to pass to a web service hosted locally. To Generate the DDL I am scripting database objects inside of SSMS via SMO. (Example)

SSMS 2008 has a handy feature to do this basically the same way I am. ( Well why not use SSMS; - Because it needs to be automated by my tool, thanks)

SSMS does it right; I can't figure out how to do it right. They set the appropriate Scripting Options(MS Refrence). When generating DDL you have to do things in a specif order.( Database ->tables ->Keys ->Views-> -> etc) MS does this order right, using the correct Scripting Options.

My attempts to override the method have failed and my research has not provided the needed information.



I would like a way to overide the method "Script(ScriptingOptions scriptingOptions)" Method to view the actual Scripting Options set -- Perhaps I may even be going about this the wrong way and guidance is welcome. I'd still like to know if I can and how though

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