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I'm trying to do something very basic: edit a small part of the category product pager template. I copied pager.phtml from .../base/default/template/page/html/ into my own theme's template/page/html folder and changed what I needed changed in the new file. Unfortunately, nothing is changed on the frontend.

I've tried enabling "Template Path Hints" and it definitely shows my custom template being loaded. When I blank out my theme's pager.phtml, all the content stays (as if its still loading the default template). When I edit the default template, still nothing changes! Ah ha! It must be cached...

But I've got the caches disabled (its a development site) and tried refreshing them all anyway. Nothing changes. I've edited many a template on this site and they've all worked as expected, its only pager.phtml that is giving me trouble.

If anyone could point me in the right direction or even toss a few more debugging ideas my way, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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If your caches are off, and you editing the base/default package/theme has no effect, it sounds like you are editing the wrong file ...

By chance is it a 1.3 template on a 1.4 build - as the pager set-up changed between the two versions and would lead to peculiar issues like you are describing.

Have you tested overriding another .phtml file to see if it actually works (ie. if you have set it up correctly).

Finally, caching being the last resort, have you got APC/Eaccelerator installed with the mtime/stat parameter set to false? As this would ignore the file modified time and serve up data directly from its internal cache. An Apache/PHP restart would prove this.

Verify by running

php -i | grep mtime
php -i | grep stat

Or by creating a test phpinfo(); file

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It was the wrong file.. granted the template path hints teased me. Thanks for the help! – The Maniac Mar 19 '12 at 20:51

Tripple check the paths. Seriously, something about working with Magento makes people (myself included) miss things that are one level below the obvious.

Once you've done that, jump to


Find the lines that include the template file

$includeFilePath = realpath($this->_viewDir . DS . $fileName);
if (strpos($includeFilePath, realpath($this->_viewDir)) === 0 || $this->_getAllowSymlinks()) {
    include $includeFilePath;
} else {
    Mage::log('Not valid template file:'.$fileName, Zend_Log::CRIT, null, null, true);

and add debugging code to figure out why your phtml isn't being included.

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Turns out I needed to edit catalog/product/list/toolbar.phtml and not pager.phtml. The template path hints had me confused! Thanks for the tip, and btw, the tutorials on your site are a godsend for magento devs. Kudos. – The Maniac Mar 19 '12 at 20:49

Check your design settings in System->Config->General->Design->Package (example: default) System->Config->General->Design->Themes->Default (set your theme directory name).

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Also try:

  1. Reindexing (the template may be changed, but the old index may be loaded)
  2. clean /var/cache folder itself.

Is the site using litespeed or any other caching utility? May have to clean those caches as well.

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Re-indexing has nothing to do with templates / layouts. It is for catalogue only. – Ben Lessani - Sonassi Mar 16 '12 at 21:28
I wouldn't say it has 'nothing' to do with templates. It depends on what you're changing in the template. If you're updating something in the catalog in a template file, the changes aren't going to be visible until you reindex. – pspahn Mar 16 '12 at 22:10
1. You should never be changing anything from a .phtml file, it is for output only. 2. What you described is an infinite loop - to get a template to update, you need to re-index; but the template is the file prompting the re-index in the first place ... – Ben Lessani - Sonassi Mar 16 '12 at 22:14
You're right, you should never be doing stuff like that in a template file... but that doesn't mean that people don't. I do stuff I'm not supposed to in templates every single day, mostly for testing/development before I move things to proper module classes, but just because it's not best practice doesn't mean it's not useful or that people don't do it. – pspahn Mar 16 '12 at 22:42
But your answer has nothing to do with the question. How would re-indexing help his template file display. Indexes are for catalogue data only – Ben Lessani - Sonassi Mar 16 '12 at 22:46

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