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Maybe my question it's a little weird, but I'm trying to build a not-so-simple html editor and I need to provide the users, the capability of modify divs over the document. I already done some custom tags and other few things, but this time I'm really stuck because it's a little different:

I just dont know how to build a View for my element that I can put on somewhere freely over the interface of editor and at the same time, it allows modify the document on the current Element position.

So, I want something like:

       <div style="position:absolute; left:80px; bottom:0px;" >My Div</div>

I've builded, first at all, a FloatingView class, that extends ComponentView, and put it on the editor layout, so I can freely move it around, and on his component, I added a new JTextPane, but synchronize it's a nightmare, because, I dont know how to do it or if I'm doing it on the wrong way.

Please, if some one knows some document or page where I can get a base to start over, I really appreciate it so much.

Thanks in advice

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You can use this http://java-sl.com/custom_tag_html_kit.html as a basement of your editor.

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Thanks for reply. I already done some of work using your post, thanks a lot. – Carlos Corona Apr 9 '12 at 19:17

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