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I want to utilise the Facebook JavaScript API in the client, but manage app logic and configuration on the server through REST web services. I've tried a lot of tutorials out there, but so far I haven't seen one that actually works.

  • What do you recommend as a server / web framework?
  • What technology should I use for my REST endpoints?
  • How can I host this application in a place where facebook will "see" it as a valid app?

I'm looking for a comprehensive tutorial or set of recommended practices to get started.


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I just so happened to create a blog series that takes you through EVERYTHING you will need. The articles:

  • Setup Eclipse (IDE) and JBoss AS7 (server)
  • Setup other JBoss Tools including Forge
  • Setup JAX-RS Web Service in Java using Forge (very easy!)
  • Setup account to Host the site for FREE with OpenShift
  • Setup an entire sample Facebook App

This blog series should be EXACTLY what you're looking for. You can find the first of three articles here:

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I would recommend going with Spring Social module with has a good abstraction of the Facebook API.

You could then expose these services via REST with Spring Web Services or Jersey.

I am not sure about the hosting. Facebook should see it as a valid application no matter the host. Even your development computer/localhost cando it.

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