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Suppose I have a SConstruct which exports a construction environment to a subsidiary SConscript:

Export('SConscript', 'env')

I'd like for SConscript to insert a command line variable foo into env so that I can invoke builds with the command

scons foo=bar

Is this possible, or must support for such command line variables be supplied to the environment's constructor?

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Create a new Variables object containing the new variable and then update the environmentin the subsidiarySConscript`:

vars = Variables()
vars.Add('foo', help='a command line variable named foo')
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I'm not sure that understand question clearly, but my answer is.

Scons have very good support for command line parameters. In your case use function ARGUMENTS.get('command_line_parameter', [default]). To insert variable into environment just use index operator [].

Example :

env['foo'] = ARGUMENTS.get('foo') # if parameter not set, returns None

or with default value :

env['foo'] = ARGUMENTS.get('foo', 'bar')

You can found more information about command-line parameters handling in scons guide.

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You may also pass command-line values to environment, when updating it with variables:

vars.Update(env, ARGUMENTS)
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