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I think I am not getting the meaning of any of this. My purpose is to create a multi tenant ASP.NET MVC Application.

I saw a great post on how to do this here , but Nhibernate isn't an option.

One of the things I want to understand is: Is MVC (along with everything else) supposed to help in creating multi tenancy web apps?

I have seen several comments which are similar to my question, but they often don't appear to hit the same point I am trying to get at:

  • One DB
  • One Schema
  • No Nhibernate

If anyone knows of a simple explanation as to how this can be done, I appreciate it.

the contents on this page are all I know on the subject, what I wish to be able to understand is how MVC (if at all) helps in getting it done and if it makes it simpler or not.

Many thanks,


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The closest thing to answer my question here, that I can find myself is the read on Mike Hadlow's blog

Its detailed, but to the point, and I downloaded the SutekiShop app.

I haven't yet reached the AHA! Moment yet, but it seems close.

I believe the way he has implemented the multi tenancy was with the role id, I guess now I just have to keep reading and tweaking.

His latest post (afaik) on the subject seems to address the issue with WCF use.

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The thinks I like about MVC for multitenant applications are:

  • You can choose the View according to your tenant

That was never easy in Webforms. Its easy to implement something in MVC like: There is a default View for every tenant, but if a tenant needs a special View, then the special View is taken. You will have to extend the Viewengine a little bit.

  • You can have Business Rules according to the tenant by using IoC

By using StructureMap or others you can swap parts of your ServiceLayer

I have one DB per tenant so I will not be of help at the DB - part.

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Check out http://www.aspnetzero.com which has a built-in multi-tenancy infrastructure and UI which satisfies your requirements.

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