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I find configsource references in the .config-files to be very helpful. However, since these referenced config-files only contain fragments of the entire app.config hierarchy, the IDE complains.

In the app.config file:

    	<section name="customProfiles" type="SomeConfigClass, SomeAssembly"/>


<valveProfiles configSource="Profiles.config" />

in the Profiles.config:

    <curveProfile number="-1" name="Cusom1" />

However, the IDE has associated Profiles.Config file with the DotNetConfig.xsd schema, which expects the "customProfiles" to be declared in the configSections element, which the Profiles.config file does not have.

I am not particularily bothered by this as it basically only affects intellisense and generates misleading tooltips when you point at the blue undersquiggle, but I was surprised that google came up absolutely empty on this. And no, it is not because I included the word "undersquiggle" in my search ;)

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If anyone is still looking, VS2008 does not import XSD extensions for custom configuration. If you use custom configuration, you will get schema warnings and, alas, undersquiggles. –  ssamuel Nov 7 '11 at 20:13

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