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From an authenticated referral (such as from a timeline story) to my website, I am trying to use the server-side authentication flow to obtain an access token for the referred user. I need to pass my app secret, the auth code, and the original redirect URI to the Facebook access token endpoint. Since I did not initiate the authentication request, how do I determine the original redirect_uri?

The link from the Facebook timeline looks like:

So I figure that the redirect URI I need to pass is:

The URI that the user is ultimately redirected to is:

Is it safe to assume that I can just chop off everything starting with the "&code=" and use that as the redirect URI?

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According to a Facebook engineer, the redirect_uri is the current URI up until the "&code=". The code will always be the final query string name/value pair. I have also verified that this works.

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See below, there are parameters after code that need to be stripped. – Tom Kincaid Nov 8 '12 at 16:06
not working as of today – Ers Apr 6 '13 at 16:19

Currently (Aug 23 2012) Facebook is adding parameters after the code= , for instance,;code=AQCZmt8n9NyfKNj8Ea9yzeCYCh-m6FcrbFqqnpQRYpfTwsO8DCk5E6CIbYig1I7g5RxDZxNs7pLcQZDdfjdLJy-8IE4BAW56VPNVADTIa9zxsFEVGLTCjfP7tuSNAIeNZdWecI53pQipnt4YpnawoRXDYVVylFZnWoVYdMtVCaOjZ5DUrN9VSByNVkV5ojOoCEY;fb_source=bookmark_favorites;count=0;fb_bmpos=4_0

Deleting everything from code= doesn't yield an access token, nor does carefully deleting just the code=....; section.

This can be recreated by adding a Facebook bookmark pointing to your app, opening in your mobile device browser, and then going to your app via the bookmark.

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In addition to what Carl said, I narrowed the issue to be because of specific ref parameter.

If you have referral oauth enabled, I'll be unabled to exchange the code for an access_token with specific ref.


Those will not work with referral oauth no matter what redirect_uri you use for generating the access_token. There are probably other ref parameters that doesn't work.

It's very annoying because we can't have mobile web app working with this issue

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Have you found a solution? I'm getting similar results. Did you file a bug on Facebook? – Pierre Olivier Martel Dec 15 '12 at 15:27

As Carl pointed out, there are additional parameters after code. Unlike Carl, if I strip those off and use the resulting url as the redirect uri, it works.

$redirecturi = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_URI'];
$delimiter = "?";
foreach ($_GET as $key=>$val) {
    if ($key == "code") break;
    $redirecturi .= $delimiter.$key."=".rawurlencode($val);
    $delimiter = "&";
// now I can use $redirecturi to exchange the code for a token

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I filed a bug on Facebook here :

If this still affects your app, please go subscribe.

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Hi Pierre, were you ever able to resolve this issue? If so, what was the solution? – Code Junkie Dec 3 '14 at 14:01

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