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I am running RHEL 6.2 on a VM (I have no control over it). I would like to use Ruby along with Mysql to do the work I need to do. But right now the server does not have the mysql gem installed. It doesn't even have ruby gems installed. So I can't simply do gem install mysql. The people maintaining the server suggested I do local install of ruby gems. Is there a benefit to this? What if the server is hosting a web application that consists of code depending on a gem? Will this effect anything?

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Either in ~/.gem (local) or in /usr/lib/ruby (system). Locally installed gems are accessible by you only, system gems everyone can use.

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I think installing system wide is a better option since there will be other users that will need to use it as well. Thank you. –  icanc Mar 17 '12 at 18:30

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