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Sometimes, we know that certain variables are positive, or natural numbers, or real and it helps to simplify the expressions. For example,

Integrate[Sign[x], {x, -l/2, l}]

evaluates to

 1/2 l (-3 + 6 DiscreteDelta[l] + 2 HeavisideTheta[-l] + 
 4 HeavisideTheta[l]), l \[Element] Reals]

But if I know that l is a real positive number, I am actually looking at -l/2. Is there a way to specify this extra information or constraint so Mathematica can simplify the expression?

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It will usually evaluate faster if you specify Assumptions inside of Integrate:

Integrate[Sign[x], {x, -l/2, l}, Assumptions -> l > 0]
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I found the answer, you can specify assumptions, such as

Simplify[Integrate[Sign[x], {x, -l/2, l}], l > 0]

which reduces to l/2.

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