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Im trying to set port forwarding using c#, but I keep getting this error in visual studio.

Interop type 'NATUPNPLib.UPnPNATClass' cannot be embedded. Use the applicable interface instead.

this is the code:

NATUPNPLib.UPnPNATClass upnpnat = new NATUPNPLib.UPnPNATClass();
NATUPNPLib.IStaticPortMappingCollection mappings = upnpnat.StaticPortMappingCollection;
mappings.Add(9099, "UDP", 9099, "", true, "Local Web Server");

Any Ideas?

I found the code here.

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Find the reference to NATUPNPLib in the solution explorer, select it and in the Properties tab change "Embed Interop Types" to FALSE and then rebuild.

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