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I have been writing a chat app for android.

I am implementing Google talk shared status messages feature.

I have to send this stanza

<iq type='get' to=''>
  <query xmlns=''/>

My code (using SMACK api) is:

    final IQ iq = new IQ() {
        public String getChildElementXML() { 
            return "<query xmlns=''/>"; 


    Log.w("IQ", "Prepared packet " + iq.toXML());
    Log.w("IQ", "Sending 1");

I am expecting to receive the following packet:

<iq xmlns='jabber:client' from='' type='result'>
  <query xmlns=''>
    <identity category='server' type='im' name='Google Talk'/>
    <feature var=''/>
    <feature var='google:jingleinfo'/>
    <feature var='google:roster'/>
    <feature var='google:nosave'/>
    <feature var='google:setting'/>
    <feature var='google:shared-status'/>
    <feature var=''/>
    <feature var='google:mail:notify'/>
    <feature var=''/>
    <feature var=''/>

My listener receives the packet:

public void processPacket(Packet    
    //IQ iq = (IQ) packet;
    Log.w("IQ", "Packet received " + packet.toXML());

On receiving, I am getting the following log:

03-17 08:05:43.129: W/IQ(1050): Packet received <iq id="fYhYL-4" to="" from="" type="result"></iq>

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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There was no problem with sending the packets. I has to write an IQProvider or PacketExtensionProvider to parse the incoming packets since smack doesn't understand these custom packets.

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the PacketExtensionProvider can't parse your xml, because it has no namespace in the START_TAG – user724861 Mar 24 '12 at 10:05
@Rahim: it would have been great if you had included some code with your answer... For others still searching for the answer: – TomTasche Feb 9 '13 at 20:19

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