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PROJ     =      .
SRC_ROOT =      .
FLAGS    =      -g -Wall -Wextra

INC      =      -I$(PROJ)                               \
                -I$(SRC_ROOT)/Exception                 \

DEPS     =      $(SRC_ROOT)/Exception/Exception.h       \
                $(SRC_ROOT)/Exception/Exception.cpp     \
                $(SRC_ROOT)/MapFile/MapFile.h           \

OBJS     =      $(SRC_ROOT)/MapFile/MapFIle.o           \

all: main $(OBJS)

%.o : %.cpp %.h
        g++ -c $(FLAGS) $(INC) $< -o $@

main: $(DEPS) $(OBJS) main.cpp
        g++ -o main $(FLAGS) $(INC) main.cpp $(OBJS)

$(SRC_ROOT)/MapFile/MapFIle.o : $(SRC_ROOT)/MapFile/MapFIle.cpp $(SRC_ROOT)/MapFile/MapFIle.h
        g++ -c $(FLAGS) $(INC) $< -o $@

        rm -f *~
        rm -f $(OBJS)
        rm -f main
        rm -f -R *.dSYM

When I comment out the explicit rule for MapFile.o I get a "no rule to build error for it" yet the implicit rule clearly works for Exception.o. Any idea what could be the issue? Hope it is not something simple that I am missing having been staring at it for a few. Thanks in advance.

Using GNU Make 3.81

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The filenames are case-sensitive; in some places you have MapFile.cpp and MapFile.h, but elsewhere you have MapFIle.o (with a capital I) and MapFIle.cpp and so on.

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Thats what it is. I should have been able to catch that one myself. matter of my eyes tricking me. Thanks for the second set of eyes. –  Gerald Stephan Runion II Mar 17 '12 at 3:05
@GeraldStephanRunionII: Any time. :-) –  ruakh Mar 17 '12 at 3:06

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