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I have a domain name (www.aaa.com), and it is hosted at the root folder (/) of my host (godaddy). There is a orchard program hosted in the folder called "orchard" (/orchard). And I have another domain name (www.bbb.com), which pointed to that "orchard" folder.

When I create a page in orchard called "page1", the orchard will automatically generate a link to that page. Un "www.aaa.com/orchard" the link is "www.aaa.com/orchard/page1", which is find. But the link in "www.bbb.com" is "www.bbb.com/orchard/page1", which contains the foldername. It is ok to access the page using this url or manually type in "www.bbb.com/page1", but I hope that the automatically generated link to be the last one (without subfolder name). I have tried to change "Base url" in orchard, but it does not help, when I create new page, the Permalink still start with "www.bbb.com/orchard/"{PageName}.

Is anyone can help me? Thanks a lot~

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Easy: don't have more than one site running off the same database and virtual directory. That's asking for trouble on more than one level. You should have one canonical domain and have permanent redirects from the others to that one.

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do you mean that if I put my site www.aaa.com into a folder (/aaa) and bbb.com into another folder (/bbb), in this case the site bbb.com will not be hosted in a virtual directory within aaa.com's virtual directory, then this problem will be solved? –  bo.plastyk Mar 17 '12 at 13:14
Not at all. You said www.aaa.com/orchard and www.bbb.com are pointing at the same folder. That's wrong. Don't do it. –  Bertrand Le Roy Mar 17 '12 at 18:11
thanks, I have to do that, because I only have one host but two domain names, when I create the "orchard" folder, it is already via from "www.aaa.com/orchard"... Seems there is no way to solve this problem except buy another host.. Thank you very much~ –  bo.plastyk Mar 17 '12 at 22:23
No no no. It seems like what you're trying to do is multi-tenancy. Both sites should have the same IIS binding, and there shouldn't be one under a folder and the other not. Please read docs.orchardproject.net/Documentation/… –  Bertrand Le Roy Mar 18 '12 at 6:14
Not multi-tenance. The thing is, I have one server but two domain names (aaa.com and bbb.com), and only one of them (bbb.com) using Orchard CMS. I have point aaa.com to the root of my server, and bbb.com to the "orchard" folder. The problem is, when you access bbb.com, the link in this site is always looks like "www.bbb.com/orchard/something", you can manually change it to "www.bbb.com/something" it still works fine. It seems when asp.net generate the link, it will include all folders from the root to the destination, so I get the name of the folder inside of my link. –  bo.plastyk Mar 18 '12 at 8:29
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i think you need to set the base url in the setting of the admin which will solve your issue....

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