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Android 2.3.3 Emulator doesn't recognize focus modes in camera.

public class LayerCounterActivity extends Activity {

    private Camera mCamera;
    private CameraPreview mPreview;

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


        if (checkCameraHardware(getBaseContext())){
            Toast.makeText(this, "Camera OK!", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();


            if (mCamera==null){
                Toast.makeText(this, "Camera not ready!", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
            else {
                Camera.Parameters params = mCamera.getParameters();

                List<String> focusModes = params.getSupportedFocusModes();

Why focusModes is null? When I start the application on a real device, everything works, but Emulator throws null pointer exception.

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Got null for both getSupportedFocusModes() and getFocusMode() on emulators. This behaviour is contrary to what the official docs said. Have to either check if value is null or use try catch. Behaviour reproduced on Android 2.2 / Android 3.2 emulators. – Pang Jan 1 '13 at 9:27
I submitted a bug report here. – Pang Jan 4 '13 at 2:53
Obviously, there is no CTS test for this. I'd suggest you ask them to create a CTS test which should catch this error as hopefully they run CTS on the emulator image. – Tom anMoney Jan 4 '13 at 5:37
Check getPackageManager().hasSystemFeature("") whether it has that feature or not – Nepster Apr 23 '15 at 11:51

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