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I am developing an app. In which we are placing UIScrollView and buttons & images on UIScrollView.Images are at the bottom of the UIScrollView and Buttons are at top of the UIScrollView.

Problem is that I want to scroll only images not buttons. Is it possible to scroll only some part in UIScrollView. If possible how can we achieve it.

Any one can help or suggest with links.

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Instead of putting the buttons on the UIScrollView, make the UIScrollView smaller and add the buttons to the same parent view as the UIScrollView.

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Actually i coded like that only. But when i want to drag the image from scrollView to view, touch events are not working –  Kalyan Andra Mar 17 '12 at 4:30

You can take another scrollview and add images on it. So that if you scroll the images your buttons will not move.

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Create 2 scrollviews, one for button & one for images. Then set scrolling disabled for the one with buttons.

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