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I'm using a very basic setup for svnserve to provide an svn:// repository to my local network. Here's my setup, as well as my problem: pastebin

Each time I modify the auth details I restart the server entirely using killall svnserve.

I've tried passwd with both : and = forms, i've added an authz-db line with a simple authz config of

* = rw

all with no luck. Any suggestions?

My svnserve version is 1.6.12 with Cyrus SASL

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  1. You don't use SASL at all - consult with Better Security with SASL section
  2. You can try to start it without --username option and ask the server to request auth. data, if needed - read SVN Book
  3. If svn://localhost/ isn't your repository (you didn't show how you started svnserve, but I suppose, you have wrong URL for the repo), you can't use svn commands on URL

Assuming your repository is located in c:\repos\TestRepo, and your server is called localhost, enter:


when prompted by the repo browser

and later

Using the previous test as a guide, svnserve would now run as:

svnserve.exe --daemon --root c:\repos

And in TortoiseSVN our repo-browser URL is now shortened to:



your config is good, your understanding of processes and configurations is bad

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My svnserve command has the options -d and -r. Are these options the same thing as --daemon and --root options? –  Montag451 Apr 9 '14 at 11:33

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