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I'll try to explain my problem shortly, i have a js script that is loaded in the index page with jquery and jqtouch. This external js has a function witch alters and modifies some elements loaded using AJAX. The procedure is the following:

The user click a link, jQTouch loads a new page using AJAX. In this new loaded page there is a button that when clicked calls a function into the js script with my own functions. In this function i use something like this:

jQuery(jQT.history[0].hash + ' #elementId').show();

ok, this jQuery sentence works on the first loaded page, but when i load a second page it doesn't work because the selector doesn't find the item, even kwnowing that it already exists and it was loaded into the DOM. elementid is not unique, so i've though to solve it by adding jQT.history[0].hash and that way it's a unique item.

What i'm doing wrong? Why jQuery is not seeing the changes into the DOM?

(jQuery version is 1.4.2)

many thanks in advance,

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The problem is the non-unique id. jQuery will stop at the first matching ID, so you're just show()ing the same element over and over. (I'm assuming the old element is not being removed from the DOM). That line you mentioned just adds #elementId onto the address bar, and certainly won't make it a 'unique item'. Either replace the old one, or rename the new one. Also, you should really post code for problems like these. –  bkconrad Mar 17 '12 at 5:09
elementid is not into the address bar it's just an item (between many others)loaded using AJAX into the page DOM. jQT.hist[0].hash is a unique id of a div containing the loaded data (where the elementID is located) so jQuery(jQT.hist[0].hash + ' #elementId') is unique. isn't it? so there is only ONE div with the id = jQT.hist[0].hash –  FidoBoy Mar 17 '12 at 5:18
jQT.hist[0].hash is the parent DIV, the container where elementId is located... every new loaded page using jQTouch has a new identifier that it's unique and i retrieve the identifier using jQT.hist[0].hash witch contains the id from that DIV tag –  FidoBoy Mar 17 '12 at 5:25

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