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 query.exec("insert into person values(104, 'Roberto', 'Robitaille')");
 query.exec("insert into person values(105, 'Maria', 'Papadopoulos')");

Can these be bind in a single query.exec() ?

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I guess you are trying to execute in a batch your query. Yes, qt supports this scenario.

bool QSqlQuery::execBatch ( BatchExecutionMode mode = ValuesAsRows )

Executes a previously prepared SQL query in a batch. All the bound parameters have to be lists of variants. If the database doesn't support batch executions, the driver will simulate it using conventional exec() calls. Returns true if the query is executed successfully; otherwise returns false.

 QSqlQuery q;
 q.prepare("insert into myTable values (?, ?)");

 QVariantList ints;
 ints << 1 << 2 << 3 << 4;

 QVariantList names;
 names << "Harald" << "Boris" << "Trond" << QVariant(QVariant::String);

 if (!q.execBatch())
     qDebug() << q.lastError();


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Use SQL UNION statement...


"insert into person
 select 104, 'Roberto', 'Robitaille'
 union all
 select 105, 'Maria', 'Papadopoulos'"

You can then construct this query dynamically and insert M records per query...

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For me this answer will just kill performance and is not elegant too. Am I wrong ? –  Dolanor Jan 9 '13 at 15:33
how? please explain? –  UmNyobe Jan 9 '13 at 18:26
I'm sorry I had bad experience with performance with UNION. But union all is more performant. Anyway, how will the person add "information" inside the query with an approach like that. String concatenating ? Very bad for SQL injection. And at the end, there is already a solution given by Qt with execBatch and array and variable binding. –  Dolanor Jan 10 '13 at 13:35

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