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I´d like to know, how, through actionscript 3, to get an array of ARGB (hexadecimal) colors, that is close to a given color.



A green.

How to get variations of green?

I´m trying to get some green colors of a bitmapdata. I´ve tried to get it by making a loop getting the colors using getPixels32. The problem is, I think the bits colors of each position are different from the bits of the bitmap rendered.

It´s for a pathfinder. Each green bit sets a node in a map, as walkable. So I need to know what are these colors to set it as walkable for the pathfinder.

Any suggestions?

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Please restrict your question! You have a color of some pixel close to red, green or blue and need to know what color is it? IMO: it's better to use 2d array for your purposes rather then bitmap – Eugeny89 Mar 17 '12 at 8:37
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RGB space is terrible for interpreting whether colors are similar to one another. A different color space that matches closer to human perception of color is HSV (hue saturation and value). Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Convert your value from RGB space to HSV (
  2. Modify the saturation and value to obtain different shades of the same green hue.
  3. You can even modify the hue a little with a defined tolerance level you specify
  4. Reconvert back to HSV to RGB

I believe color space is smaller than the other, meaning it is not always a 1:1 conversion - but it should serve your purpose.

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