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I have asp.net web page on home page i want to add articles and news.

Which would be better way for saving articles store it on database or .xml or .html?

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You're really looking for a CMS, did you know that? – Mr Lister Mar 17 '12 at 7:34
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I think you should store it in a good normalized table structure. Put different meta information in different columns and put the article as html in a column.

If you were to store it in a file I'd recommend saving it in XML so that you can save meta information along with the article. But as you are using Database, meta information can be saved in other columns. So plain HTML is completely okay.

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I'd say for any homepage type applications, saving content in files (be it xml, html or plan text) is enough.

Scott Hanselman's blog uses dasblog, which doesn't needs a database and simply stores all contents in text files in a folder.

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Really? Thats like "what is better; a red or blue car". That said, db driven designs are more common

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