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I use google's chart javascript api to show some data. The data contains "0" / "null" values.

totalpt1.setValue(154, 2, 1310799);
totalpt1.setValue(155, 2, 1313905);
totalpt1.setValue(156, 2, null);
totalpt1.setValue(157, 2, 1320264);
totalpt1.setValue(158, 2, 1323102);

var chart11 = new google.visualization.LineChart(document.getElementById('chart_totalpostthreads'));
chart11.draw(totalpt, {width: 600, height: 340, interpolateNulls:true, legend: 'bottom', title: 'Total Posts'});

The result is this: graph

I have set interpolateNulls to true. But the graph is still not "smoothed". How can I prevent those single drop outs? I thought this is what the interpolate option was for...

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Null and 0 are different values.

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I have replace the zero with "null" in the javascript output. It's an improvement, but intrapolation is still not working. See updated original post. –  reggie Mar 17 '12 at 11:09

You should use:

totalpt1.setValueNull(156, 2);

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