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This might be a duplicate of Is there a way to install older iOS SDKs in Xcode?. I'm not interested in backwards compatibility, I'm just trying to use Apple samples.

The Apple Quartz Demo is not working under Xcode 4.3.1 (4E1019) using iOS 5.1 SDK. iOS 5.1 is the only Base SDK available. The deployment target is 3.2, and I've tried compiling with both LLVM-GCC and LLVM-3.1.

From Preferences -> Downloads, I believe I have all Components and Documentation installed that Xcode offers. Unfortunately, I don't see any mobile libraries other than iOS 5.1.

How does one install earlier iOS SDKs so I can continue using Apple Demos? Or is this more Apple alpha/beta junk that never should have been released for general consumption?


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It's much easier to just fix that sample code. Here's what I did:

  1. Download the code and open QuartzDemo.xcodeproj
  2. View > Navigators > Show Issue Navigator.
  3. Click "Validate Project Settings" in the first issue. Then "Perform Changes", and "Disable" snapshots.
  4. In AppDelegate.m, comment out this line:

    @property(nonatomic, readwrite, retain) UIWindow *window;

  5. Build and Run.

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