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I'm looking around for SessionPreset's resolution and bit rate information of iPhone4S, iPad and iPad2.

In Apple's AVFoundation document, there is no mention about 4S and iPad1/2.

Please tell me where to look, or way to list supported presets(and its resolution). Thanks.


AVFoundation CheatSheet, iPhone 3G,iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4 (Back),iPhone 4 (Front)

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The link to the cheat sheet appears to be dead. – christoph May 25 '12 at 15:19

I couldn't find out information. So I've examined them one by one. Here's the result.

(I've checked only back camera, values of iPhone 3GS,4 is lent from cheat sheet.)
(3GS/4/4S are iPhone, P2/P3 are iPad, T4 is touch 4th)

Preset | 3GS(B)    | 4(B)      | 4S(B)     | P2(B)    | P3(B)     | T4(B)
Photo  | 2048x1536 | 2592x1936 | 3264x2448 | 960x720  | 2592x1936 | 960x720
High   | 640x480   | 1280x720  | 1920x1080 | 1280x720 | 1920x1080 | 1280x720
Medium | 480x360   | 480x360   | 640x480   | 640x480  | 640x480   | 640x480
Low    | 192x144   | 192x144   | 640x480   | 640x480  | 640x480   | 640x480

I don't have confidence about Low/Medium value of iPhone4S/iPad2,3/Touch4th. I think Medium(480x360) and Low(192x144) are same in all devices...

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I'll report front camera soon. – ISHITOYA Kentaro Mar 20 '12 at 15:03

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