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I don't know how to make a multidomain project. Project has domain for each country, like:

  • www.domain.com (root, for choose country)
  • www.domain.co.uk (for UK)
  • www.domain.ru (for RU)

Data in website will dependen of current Country (domain). I newbie in Symfony, but i realy like it.

I think i need use something in User class, like $this->getUser()->setCulture('UK');

Has Symfony some plugin, or native tools to make it?

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You can use one the solutions stated on how to Configure Symfony 1.4 project for multiple domains?

To get user current location, you could use an external service like ip2location

//requires ip2location class

try {
    $ip = new ip2location;

    $country_code = $ip->getCountryShort($ip_address);

} catch (Exception $e) {
    // ...
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