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I am trying to send emails on a button click ...but I want to send the emails in the background as the number of emails are too many...so I am using threading..

Public Sub sendEmail()
     Dim _con As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("CitizenJDBConnectionString").ConnectionString)
     Dim _sqlDataAdapter As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM EmailSender", _con)
     Dim _table As New System.Data.DataTable


         For i As Integer = 0 To _table.Rows.Count
             Dim AppPath As String = Request.PhysicalApplicationPath
             Dim sr As New StreamReader(AppPath & "EmailTemplates/NewReport.txt")
             Dim message As New MailMessage()

             message.IsBodyHtml = True
             message.From = New MailAddress("asdf@asdf.com")
             message.To.Add(New MailAddress(_table.Rows(i).Item(1)))
             'message.CC.Add(New MailAddress("monodeep12@gmail.com"))
             message.Subject = "New User registration !"
             message.Body = sr.ReadToEnd()
             message.Body = message.Body.Replace("<%ReporterName%>", _table.Rows(i).Item(3))
             message.Body = message.Body.Replace("<%ReportURL%>", _table.Rows(i).Item(2))

             Dim client As New SmtpClient()
             client.Host = "smtp.asdf.com"
             client.Port = 25
             client.UseDefaultCredentials = True
             client.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential("asdf@asdf.com", "123456")
             'smtp.EnableSsl = True
             i += 1
     Catch ex As Exception
     End Try
 End Sub

Table Structure


I am using the below script in a button click event

 Dim thread As New System.Threading.Thread(AddressOf sendEmail)
 Thread.IsBackground = True
 Thread.Priority = System.Threading.ThreadPriority.Normal

Am i doing it right?? Because neither i get errors nor emails :(

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There are better approaches than manually creating a thread.

I would first ensure that the actual send process is working in a single thread. Multithreaded applications are much harder to debug.

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any examples or articles on the above?? –  user1150440 Mar 17 '12 at 9:19
I linked each item to its corresponding MSDN page. SendAsync() is probably the easiest to implement. –  Tim Medora Mar 17 '12 at 9:22
Hmmmmm....lemme give it a try...fingers crossed ;) –  user1150440 Mar 17 '12 at 9:23
kindly check this post...as u said i am using SendAsync() method but its not working ...http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9756443/smtp-clients-sendasync-function –  user1150440 Mar 18 '12 at 6:15
I'll take a look. –  Tim Medora Mar 18 '12 at 6:46

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