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I have a string from an xml document:

<title type="html">

Is there a way for me to write this string like "<title type="html">"? I've had similar problems writing javascript as a string but I did see some solutions in the past (which I can't remember)?


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You can escape quotes in a string using a \

String s = "this is my \"data\" in the string";
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var str = "<font color=\"red\">;";

(Edit: forgot to put proper html chars in!)

Or in javascript you can use single quotes to contain one with doubles:

var str = '<font color="red">';
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string jason = "This string contains a \"";

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If you're making a large string with a lot of XML, one approach would be to write

var str = @"<tag attribute=`value`><SubTag OtherAttribute=`OtherValue` /></tag>".Replace('`', '"');

Beware that this will be less efficient at runtime, because of the call to Replace().

The best way to handle this is might be to put the markup in a separate text file and embed it in a ResX file. That would allow you to write Properties.Resources.Markup.

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You can also write it like this:

string f = @"<font color=""red"">";

Check out msdn on string literals.

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You need to escape your double quotes..

string blah = "<title type=\"html\">";


string blah = @"<title type=""html"">";

Alternatively you could you single quotes in your tag.

string blah = "<title type='html'>";
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