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I am developing a ZF website: howtowritecitations (dot) com and it has a TOS page: howtowritecitations (dot) com/termsofservice

But what are these duplicate pages?


Where did they come from? Will this be a problem? I hope not. For example, when Google crawls the page, it will only find and index howtowritecitations (dot) com/termsofservice, right?

If it is a potential problem, show me in the right direction so I can try and solve it.

Someone suggested to start looking at getRequestUri() in routeShutdown() (or something similar) to use preg_replace to remove index.php, in order to 301-redirect to the proper URL, but I lost here.

Thanks in advance for advice or comments

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The first two are normal and expected with default routes, the third one is different. It looks like you have a termsofservice action in your index controller. Removing index.php from your url's is pretty simple check out Rob Allen's Blog –  RockyFord Mar 17 '12 at 22:33
What do you mean with duplicate pages? How does your .htaccess look like? –  markus Mar 18 '12 at 14:25

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This is caused by the routes you have setup. By default, Zend Framework applications usually route like:


Right now, your termsofservice controller located at www.yoursite.com/termsofservice when called will show the :index action by default when no action is specified without changing the URL. It is also perfectly valid to access it using www.yoursite.com/termsofservice/index.

In order to fix these, you need to setup custom routes where everything that matches www.yoursite.com/:controller/* will route to www.yoursite.com/:controller. That way Google will never get a chance to see an alternate URL to index.

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OK, many thanks. Besides that potential google-related problem I disussed, are there anything else? I mean, the SEO thing aside, is this this a real problem, or is it more or less safe to ignore it? Tricky to anwser, I would imagine, given that it is pretty much up tp me, but I just need to me pointed in the right direction in terms of general advice. Kent –  Kent Mar 17 '12 at 19:54
Its relatively safe just a little awkward in search results and the potential for bad SEO due to what appears as duplicate content. I would at minimum route the one containing "index.php" to the preferred link just so malicious web trolls don't have an easy "hey I'm using PHP" flag. –  cillosis Mar 17 '12 at 23:07
Cillosis, @RockyFord, and others: Hello again, thanks for your input. All alternate links are now corrected. They will direct you to the same target, for example: howtowritecitations.com/termsofservice And this behavior is the same for all pages (except my forum, not part the zend framwork). The problem is reduced (gone?) now, I hope. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance. –  Kent Mar 26 '12 at 9:45
@Kent I'm glad that helped. If you liked my answer, please mark it as the accepted answer. Thank you. –  cillosis Mar 26 '12 at 23:28

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