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I have one-to-many mapping in hibernate between a Parent and a Child. In the data base, Child table is having a parentId and few other details. How can I outer join them in criteria or HQL on multiple columns.

ie, on parentId and genderInd etc.

Givern below a snipet of my code,

In the Parent class,

private parentId;

private Set<Child> childSet;

In the Child class,

private Long childId;

private Parent parent;

private String name;

private String genderInd;
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You can use with operator in the HQL.

select p from Parent p left join p.childSet as cs with cs.genderInd = 'your_code'

As told in the HQL Reference,

You may supply extra join conditions using the HQL with keyword.

from Cat as cat
    left join cat.kittens as kitten
        with kitten.bodyWeight > 10.0
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