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I would like to deserialize the following json using DataContractJsonSerializer:

 "coordinates": [

Since the items in the array does not have a name I don't know how to tell the DataContractJsonSerializer what the items are. I have tried:

public  class Coordinate :IExtensibleDataObject

    [DataMember(Order = 1)]
    public decimal Longitude { get; set; }

    [DataMember(Order = 2)]
    public decimal Latitude { get; set; }

    public ExtensionDataObject ExtensionData { get; set; }

Any ideas?

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Please add your working code as an answer to this question, so that users can upvote it for example :) – Jason Evans Mar 17 '12 at 10:20
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Found out how to do this. The following code solves the problem:

public  class Coordinate : List<object> 
    public decimal Longitude { get { return (decimal)this[0]; } set { this[0] = value; } } 

    public decimal Latitude { get { return (decimal)this[1]; } set { this[1] = value; } } 

    public ExtensionDataObject ExtensionData { get; set; } 
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I think your setter for Latitude is wrong. It should use this[1], just like the getter. – svick Mar 17 '12 at 14:09

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